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Working for health!👩‍⚕️

One of the main health problems in the Cusco region is the presence of parasites in the stomachs of children under 5 years of age, as well as diseases such as anemia and malnutrition. These diseases directly affect their growth and learning process, that is to say, they impair an optimal development in the first years of life.

Each year the Rainbow Children Foundation seeks to reduce the percentage of children with anemia, malnutrition or parasites. Therefore, we have started with the first medical and nutritional evaluations to know the nutritional status of our children. From the youngest children to the promotion children were attended in our school clinic by our health personnel, who performed hemoglobin, weight and height tests. Based on the results obtained, the foundation will provide the necessary medicines for their treatment, as well as a balanced diet.

Also, contributing to health care, we have started our "Zero Caries Program" through dental care in our dental office for our primary school children. With this, we seek to identify the number of children with cavities in order to provide them with treatment and reinforce brushing routines inside and outside of school.

In this way, we are executing our integral program through education, health and nutrition in favor of our children who need it most.

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