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Donate funds

1. Monthly donation

Become an ally of the Foundation by donating the amount you decide.

2. Donate once

First leave us your data

Thanks! Now choose how to donate

We have several ways that you can donate funds to support our programs:

Donate S / 100.00 to help feed a family for a month .

Donate S / 50.00 to help with  medical care for a child for a month .

Donate S / 20.00 to help with  a day of education for a child .

Donate the amount you want:

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+51  940705695

Current accounts

Credit Bank of Peru


Suns: 285-2185452-0-58

Code cta. interbank:



Dollars: 285-2173243-1-45

Code cta. interbank:



RUC: 20450556042


Once the donation has been made, send us an email with the receipt to or WhatsApp +51 940 705 695

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