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Welcoming more families to our foundation!

The foundation Niños del Arco Iris has the purpose of providing education, nutrition and health to children from Urubamba, Cusco who are in vulnerable conditions. Therefore, every year we make an open call to receive more students in our school.

Since December 2022 we have started the application process to our school for children from 3 to 13 years old. First, families confirmed the availability of the vacancy for the grade they want their child to enter. Second, they filled out an enrollment form to continue the process. Third, the school's management and administration area conducted an informative talk on the criteria that our families must meet to be admitted. With this knowledge and as a fourth step, the families must accept the visit of our collaborators in their homes to gather more information about them and verify that the help we will provide reaches the families of Urubamba who need it most.

The home visits were carried out successfully, identifying potential families that we can help through our programs. Our collaborators went to different communities near and far from Urubamba, doing hard work to continue with our purpose.

We will continue with this process in the months of January and February to complete with the available places in our school.

If you know of anyone who needs to be part of our integral program, write to

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