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Welcome meeting with parents

To start a great school year, on Thursday afternoon, March 9, we decided to have a welcome meeting with the families of our students and share with them how we work, our programs and the commitment that we need from all the mothers and fathers of our students to meet together the great goals that we have set for 2023:

  • Achieve the expected academic learning goals for each area and grade level.

  • Healthy children (free of anemia, malnutrition and parasites).

  • Children with Zero Caries

  • Healthy families that promote the development of children at home.

This was a very enriching space for everyone because we were able to remember the purpose of our foundation, that is to provide education, nutrition and health to our children in vulnerable conditions in Urubamba. We also introduced this year's multidisciplinary team, who will accompany our students in the implementation and monitoring of our different programs. Finally, we took the opportunity to hear the expectations of the families, who reaffirmed their commitment to follow the routines of study and cleanliness at home.

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