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Welcome Mamita Helena

After a long time Mamita Helena was able to meet again with the raison d'être of the foundation, our 200 children of the school. They received her with much love and joy that was expressed in poems, words of thanks and small gifts that they made.

On this occasion, Mamita Helena was accompanied by close friends from Holland, who were able to learn more about the foundation through the assembly and a tour of the facilities. Monday's assembly was in charge of the 6th grade children, who told about their experience visiting the Water Treatment Plant at the Tambo del Inka Hotel, an ally that sponsored the visit for Water Day.

Finally, during the tour, Helena and her companions got to know all the work of the foundation by touring the classrooms, talking with the general manager and also with the children, whom they were able to see during their school hours.

It is always a joy to receive our founder!

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