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Updated: Feb 23, 2022

In 2021 we provided education, health and nutrition to 235 children. In addition, we provide food and support to 187 families. Due to the growing needs of the community, such as the lack of employment, we carried out different initiatives for the community that benefited more than 3,100 people. He detail of what we achieved together is shown below: us in the Sacred Valley and you as our ally.


Management Message:

Thank you all for joining us during 2021 to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. In such a difficult year, without the support of allies like you, nothing would have been possible. I look back on the year that has passed and proudly share with you that we have played a fundamental role for the children and their families in our community. The biggest challenge was the physical and mental

exhaustion from 2 years of pandemic and finding strategies to develop our programs remotely, but happily our purpose of training responsible citizens and agents of positive change inspires us to keep going. Education is the only way to achieve a better Peru and we hope to continue counting on your support in this.

Susy Caballero, General Manager


Before we begin... What happened in Cusco?

In 2021, 32% of the population was in poverty (9% more than the previous year) and 8% in extreme poverty (5% more than in 2020). Regarding the pandemic, Cusco was one of the most affected regions, with 79,654 cases of Covid-19 and 2,991

deaths. As for education, classes continued virtually. Despite the adversities, we have achieved great results.


  • 235 students (73 pre-school and 162 elementary school students) received personalized classes through phone calls, video calls via WhatsApp and Zoom, and virtual groups on Facebook. In addition, we were able to collect electronic devices for 18 children through a campaign.

  • 14 educational projects were carried out by our students. Among them, we managed to publish the book "Hampina Wasi", an herbal guide to ancestral medicine, made by 3rd grade students. You can download it HERE.

  • 100% of the pre-school students managed to communicate assertively and recognize shapes and numbers according to their age. 92% of the primary school students reached the expected level in each area, demonstrating satisfactory handling of the proposed tasks.

  • We gave 3 digital literacy workshops to families to promote active participation in their children's learning, as well as 8 schools for parents, with the participation of 80% of families, where we dealt with relevant issues such as sexual violence. To deal with this situation, we carried out our awareness campaign “I know how to take care of my body”.

As in the 2nd year, education was at distance because of the pandemic, children's learning gaps increased. Therefore, teachers had to find strategies to address this diversity of learning in alliance with their families. In addition, the emotional support that was provided to them to face all those challenges was crucial.


  • From February to December, we delivered 774 baskets of groceries, fruits and vegetables that helped 187 families.

  • Families received 836 nutritional recipes to make good use of the basket and promote a balanced diet.

  • Regarding the parasite screening, 17% of students tested positive and received treatment, 24% less compared to 2020.

  • 14% of students presented anemia and 13%, malnutrition, which represents 9% and 1% less than the previous year, respectively.

  • 32% of children ended up with healthy nutritional status.

With these activities we have achieved that 61% of our students consume a lunch that contains proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables. In this way, we seek to establish healthy habits to overcome anemia and malnutrition, the most common diseases of children in Urubamba.


  • We delivered 692 children's dental hygiene kits. 52% of the students attended ended the year free of cavities, thanks to the dental treatment carried out and we verified that 55% of the students brush their teeth and follow a correct brushing routine after each meal.

  • We distributed 774 hygiene kits and home cleaning kits to families.

  • We broadcast 27 radio programs led by our children and broadcast on one of the most listened radio stations in Urubamba, reaching approximately 800 people per program. In this space, topics such as: mental health, Covid-19 care and nutrition, among others, were addressed.

  • 2 parents died due to the Coronavirus. Likewise, we provide 116 psychological therapies to children and families. Thanks to this close approach, we were able to identify cases of sexual violence and provide support.

  • We also provide personalized attention to 2 students with special abilities.

We are committed to the development of our children and we know that our role goes beyond the classroom. For this reason, we are implementing a new strategy to work with households, we will carry out home visits and follow up on families through community promoters.


  • We carried out 41 workshops in favor of the Urubamba community on education, psychological support and skills development.

  • 16 schools and 89 teachers from Cusco participated in our Community Library, Inter-School Training and Radio programs.

  • 10 women were part of the Mamitas Tejedoras venture and the first sale of products at corporate level took place.

  • 20 local businesses in Urubamba received personalized business management advice.

The work with the community was carried out to respond to the growing needs generated by the pandemic. Unemployment and stress affected many families. The initiatives were carried out thanks to the joint work with specialist allies and we managed to impact more than 3,100 people.


  • We work as leaders of the Cusco territory within the framework of the territories promoting the STEAM methodology (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) led by the Siemens Foundation.

  • We obtained the “Hombro con Hombro” (Shoulder to Shoulder) Recognition from INDECI (National Institute of Civil Defense) for our work during the pandemic.

  • We were semifinalists in the Peru Recognition for the Sustainable Peru SDGs.

  • We participate as speakers in different spaces, including the Ibero-American Congress against Child Sexual Abuse organized by CESDAL (Corporation for Higher Studies in Latin America).

Thank you for helping us make all of this possible!

We would like to give special thanks to the 70 organizations that trusted in our work and the 73 people who were part of our monthly donor program. Together we have managed to transform the lives of many children and their families.

We hope to continue counting on you in this 2022.

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