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The Rainbow Children Foundation, since 2019, has been implementing the TiNi methodology within the education program. It is a methodology that connects children and youth (NNJ) with Mother Earth and empowers them as agents of change for sustainable development. It consists of giving them a space of land, which can be from three pots, where they raise life and biodiversity with affection and generate well-being for themselves, other people and nature. During the time of pandemic, the experience was enriching since it was a work hand in hand with the families so that in each home the students can have their TiNi space.

In addition, with the help of the companies Belmond and Peru Rail, the Rainbow Children Foundation was able to become a reference school for the TiNi methodology and share the teaching process with 3 other schools in the province of Urubamba.

In this way, since August we have carried out different actions in favor of disseminating and promoting the implementation of the TiNi methodology in I.E. Santa Rosa de Lima 712, I.E. Anccoto Maras and Espacio Educativo Casa Raíz; to whom 2 teachers of the foundation provided on-site training on what TiNi is and its application in the pedagogical process.

We know how important it is to motivate teachers and students to better implement a methodology that is in connection with nature. For this reason we also delivered gardening tools such as shovels, picks, hoses and watering cans to the children of each educational center to allow them to work their plots for their TiNi.

Now, the students are implementing the first steps to create their TiNi space within their schools, which are getting to know the characters Ania and Kin, and the story of the Great Treasure of Nature, as well as creating the vision of their TiNi space.

We are looking forward to our next visit and seeing their TiNi space develop further. And above all, to see how the children are taking ownership of environmental stewardship as agents of change in our locality.

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