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Workshops for our alumni

In January we received a visit from our ally Andy Stein (CEO of Orphaned Starfish Foundation), with whom we talked about the situation of our students who graduate from our school and the possibility of continuing their high school studies.

This led to the possibility of starting English and computer workshops on Saturdays. In order to execute this program, we received 12 laptops as a donation and today, this idea is a reality thanks to this American organization that works in training centers for children and young people.

Nine children are the beneficiaries of these workshops: Kiara, Daniela, Boris, Piero, Nicholas, Luanna, Cesar Paul and Renzo (class of 2021), and Ruth Fiorella (class of 2020).

On June 25, these workshops began, in which our children reinforce and acquire new knowledge. This program will last until mid-December and we will be sharing the learning achieved by our students.

Thank you to the Orphaned Starfish Foundation for continuing to support us in providing quality education.

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