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STEAM territory in Urubamba, Cusco

The STEAM territory in Urubamba, Cusco was born as part of the territories promoted by the Siemens Foundation to disseminate the use of the STEAM approach within educational institutions at national and international level. This is an educational approach that integrates the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics; seeking to develop in students competencies that allow them to provide solutions to the problems of their context. In Peru, this initiative is being promoted by Instituto Apoyo, an organization dedicated to transforming the way of teaching and learning in educational communities.

Therefore, as part of the actions being implemented, we have had coordination meetings and exchange of experiences with representatives of 6 educational and social organizations to install the STEAM approach in the different learning spaces with students in Cusco.

One of the pioneering activities, which is the result of these meetings, was the CINEFORUM for children from 3 educational institutions participating in the STEAM Territory. It sought to generate a space for debate and reflection on the issue of climate change and pollution, having as a source of motivation the movie Wall-E, which presents a hypothetical scenario of the consequences of constant pollution on our planet.

To this end, the foundation organized this meeting, in which each child was able to enjoy a delicious snack while watching the movie. Afterwards, they met in groups to start proposing projects and solutions to reduce pollution.

This activity ended with the presentation of each proposal and the commitment of the more than 200 students present, to carry out actions in favor of conserving the natural resources of the community within their schools and at home.

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