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Providing support to parents 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 

On Friday, April 14, the "Parents' Schools" was held in charge of the team of the Niños del Arco Iris psychologists. The "Parents' Schools" are monthly talks in which the families of our students participate and discuss, together with the team of teachers and the psychology area, relevant topics in order to offer from home the pedagogical and emotional support that their children need.

This session aimed to raise awareness among families, promoting responsible parenthood during the education of their children. Through group dynamics, the fathers and mothers of our students analyzed the different parenting styles such as authoritarian, democratic and permissive. The team of psychologists shared a problematic situation for parents to act it out and reflect on the importance of promoting communication from a democratic parenting style.

Afterwards, they discussed “The body traffic light”, a tool that helps children understand, protect and take care of their own bodies and respect the body of others; it is also a tool that allows them to express emotions and feelings about their bodies. In this dynamic, parents were able to reflect on the importance of communicating with their children in order to care for their integrity and sexual health.

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