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Professionals from the University of Minnesota learn about our Health and Nutrition programs

The international travel agency PeruEmpire, an ally of the Rainbow Children Foundation, organized a lecture event for more than 50 health professionals from the University of Minnesota (USA) on health in Cusco, in which our coordinator of the health and nutrition program, Dr. Elizabeth Quispe, participated.

She made her presentation on September 26 and 28. In these spaces, she explained the oral and dental problems that the children of Urubamba have, as well as the limitations that families have and the main diseases with respect to nutrition.

In addition, he explained how the foundation works to solve this situation. Our health and nutrition programs have been running since the foundation began, and over the years we have seen a positive impact on our children. That is why we decided to explain the whole process and the current results. Rebecca Wilms, a volunteer from our foundation, also helped with the translation, which facilitated communication.

We are very happy because we were able to give visibility to the work we have been doing and our efforts could be recognized by other professionals. Thanks to PeruEmpire and the University of Minnesota for making this possible.

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