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Our school supplies campaign "School is waiting for us".

Our entire work team has been preparing for the return to classes and the beginning of the 2023 school year in our foundation Niños del Arco Iris. We know that preparing the spaces for a warm welcome is very important, since our students will have the necessary motivation to learn.

Similarly, we believe that carrying school supplies according to the needs of our students, encourages their desire to learn and enhances their creativity, because the colors, pens and notebooks are tools that allow children to express themselves.

That is why we have started our first campaign of the year: "The school is waiting for us" whose goal is to raise S/. 50,000 to provide complete school supplies kits to our 200 students of the school Niños del Arco Iris.

You can make your donation through:

Current account in soles: 285-2185452-0-58

CCI: 002-285002185452-0-58-58-58


Dollars: 285-2173243-1-45

Interbank account code: 002-285002173243-1-45-53

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