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Our results in education!

Education is the pillar of our foundation. Year after year, we strive to ensure that our children can receive a quality education because we are convinced that through education we can change lives.

The year 2022 has been a great challenge at the pedagogical level, since many of the students presented a learning gap due to the pandemic. However, thanks to the commitment and hard work of our teachers, together with the support of parents, we have achieved great results.

The education program is made up of the classes our students receive and work in conjunction with parents.

Quality education:

  • 195 students (63 kindergarten and 132 elementary) received classes in a face-to-face manner with active methodologies for their learning.

  • 16 educational projects were carried out by our students. Among them we highlight the project "The big brother" which was carried out jointly by the 5th grade and 6th grade classrooms, "Together we transform and build an ecological and sustainable school" in 3rd grade and "The Bum Babum band saves the planet" in 1st grade.

  • In preschool, 97% of the students were able to communicate assertively and recognize shapes and numbers according to their age. In elementary school, 89% of the students reached the expected level in each area, demonstrating satisfactory performance in the proposed tasks.

Work with parents:

  • We executed 8 parenting schools, counting with the participation of 80% of the families, where we addressed relevant topics such as care within the home, assertive communication, teamwork, among others.

Thanks to all those companies and individuals who joined us through various donations to make this possible!

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