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Our health results!

2022 was a year of great challenges, our students returned to the classroom after two years, thanks to the work done by teachers, the health team and parents, we managed to ensure that our students continue with their feeding and hygiene routines, both at home and at the foundation. In this way, we obtained good results.

It is worth mentioning that our health axis is made up of the Zero Caries, School Topics, Healthy Families and pilot projects in favor of student health,

Zero Tooth Decay Program

  • 93% of our students from 1st to 6th grade of elementary school received dental treatment and finished the school year without cavities.

  • We distributed 794 dental kits consisting of toothpaste and children's toothbrushes to students. Additionally, 110 kits composed of dental floss and mouthwash were given out in December to 2nd to 6th grade students.

School topics:

  • We performed 232 attentions to students in the school topic for various causes such as falls, fevers and stomach pains, among others, these ailments were attended in a timely manner.

Healthy Families:

  • In relation to our families, we granted 149 healthy families and cleaning kits, which included: chlorine disinfectant, detergent and toilet paper.

  • As part of the Healthy Families project, 10 mothers of our children were trained as Community Promoters and helped to follow up with the families on healthy habits within the home, including: personal and oral hygiene habits, cleanliness in the main rooms, proper nutrition and identification of cases of violence.

  • In the months of October and November, the Community Promoters made visits to the homes of our families and managed to evidence that 47% of the families present a good family environment, while 54% live in a family environment between regular to bad.

Pilot projects:

  • A pilot project was initiated to reduce the number of children with parasites in their bodies, through the installation of water filters to 20 families.

  • 110 wellness logs were delivered to follow up on the cleaning routines promoted from our school and to verify if they were being implemented in the students' homes.

Thanks to all those companies and individuals who contributed through various donations to make this possible!

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