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Opening of our dining room!

We have started our school year and with it our nutrition program. In Urubamba, 16% of children under 5 years of age are chronically malnourished, a figure that alarms us about the health of children.

For this reason, one more year we reaffirm our commitment to provide healthy food to our children through our school canteen. Every day, at the end of the school day, all students in kindergarten and elementary school go to the dining room to receive their lunch.

It is important to mention that lunchtime is a pedagogical hour for our students because we teach them how to properly handle the table utensils, each week the students assume different roles to set the table, that is, a boy is in charge of setting the cutlery, another girl is in charge of setting the glasses and so on. In this way, this space is also significant for their personal development inside and outside the classroom.

Each week, the proposed menu is reviewed by a volunteer nutritionist, who verifies that the dishes contain all the nutrients necessary for their growth. Many of the menus are prepared with local products such as quinoa, pumpkin, among others. Delicious dishes that our students enjoy every day.

We are sure that with our actions we will decrease the number of children with malnutrition.

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