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National Drill: strengthening our culture of prevention. 🌍⛑️ 📣 

Geographically, Peru is located within the "Ring of Fire", which makes it an area with greater seismic potential, as it concentrates 85% of the world's seismic activity. For this reason, every year the Ministry of Education approves the schedule of national drills in educational institutions so that students can participate in a risk simulation.

At Niños del Arco Iris School, we want our students to be active agents of society and participating in these national drills allows them to strengthen their culture of prevention. On May 31, the children, teachers, administrative staff and the security team were able to reinforce their knowledge and response capacity during the drill.

Previously, the Infrastructure team identified the safety zones within our facilities, and proceeded to communicate this to the entire team. Thus, when it was time for the drill, all the adults led the groups of students to their respective life circles. Likewise, possible accidents among our children were dramatized and how our team would have to respond in a timely manner.

Actions like these allow all employees to have the capacity to respond in risk situations, in addition to providing our children with the knowledge and skills they need to respond in the event of an accident.

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