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Logbook: Taking Care of My Personal Development

In the classroom, teachers are in charge of teaching routines that favor the integral growth of our children. That is why, from the moment they enter the foundation, each student knows what activities he or she must carry out. For us, the most important activities are brushing teeth, eating a balanced diet and personal wellbeing both at school and at home.

As an organization we are committed to know the real impact we generate through these actions, making a real follow-up of the implementation of our programs. We wanted this process to be multidisciplinary and, above all, we wanted the children to be able to participate in this process.

In this way, we began with the development of the Bitácora booklet, in a dynamic and entertaining way, it is a practical workbook that is divided into 3 parts: nutrition, oral care and healthy families. In each section we placed relevant information for the student's knowledge. In addition, we incorporated a monitoring of the daily routines that they must comply with. Among these activities is to mark with a cross if they have included vegetables, proteins or carbohydrates in their daily dinners at home or to mark with a circle if they have brushed their teeth 3 times a day. Finally, in the third section we presented a space for questions and answers about what was learned in the talks or parenting schools, whose information had to be completed with the parents.

This input was given to each tutor at the primary level, whose application was integrated as a pedagogical learning process for students, teachers and parents. Thus, since September it has been incorporated in the classrooms and has been helping us to know which routines we should reinforce more.

We hope that these practices of monitoring and good habits, constitute an important part in the integral development of our children, so that in the future they can impart it to others.

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