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Learning to make movies: Qawapayay

Since August, the children of the 3rd grade of our school have been participating in film workshops thanks to our friends from the Qawapayay Association, who with all the necessary equipment taught our students the basic concepts of what filmmaking is and how they can apply it through the use of photographic and video cameras.

The workshop resulted in the execution of a short, short video, whose objective is to make the Quechua language prevail. Every Wednesday and Friday, during two hours, the children put into practice the use of the color palette, how to make the correct focus, the use of the film clapperboard, among many other functions.

In each creation the children incorporated people, animals and stories from their area, making it more meaningful to them. In addition, they organized themselves to make a short filming in one of their classmates' houses, where they assumed the roles of actors, producers, sound directors, lighting directors and other positions involved in a professional filming.

After having finished this beautiful experience of pre-production and audiovisual recording, the whole foundation is waiting for the premiere of their short film. We want to thank our friends from awapayay for this beautiful initiative of wanting to stimulate our children to become more interested in the world of film and audiovisual. Follow them on their social networks to learn more about this great project.

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