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Niños del Arco Iris Foundation works with families who do not have sufficient economic resources to enjoy a good education and quality health services. Here the children not only attend a school, where they receive a different study methodology, adapted to their context, but also their parents and siblings are part of a comprehensive program that seeks the welfare of all and develops skills to fulfill their dreams.

Many fathers and mothers lost their jobs due to the economic earthquake brought about by Covid-19 and are now facing a much harsher reality than the one they were already living. Without expectations and with fear, the families went through critical days and since then we have delivered baskets full of food and hygiene products.

School moved into the home. Lessons are given through cell phones. Fathers, mothers and siblings are the classmates; and teachers demonstrate their vocation day by day, giving their best effort to adapt to the virtual environment. Some children visit their teachers to reinforce learning and others study in groups. We work through projects that benefit the community, one of them is the realization of our radio program made by our children and transmitted through the most listened radio in the community.

JOIN OUR STORY, is our last breath of the year to obtain the necessary funds to continue providing quality education and a comprehensive health and nutrition program. Our goal is to reach s/.100,000. Help us!

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