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How is the health of our children?👩‍⚕️ 🧐 👧 👦 

We have finished the first trimester of the school year and with it the medical evaluations to identify the nutritional status of each of our children. Anemia, parasites and malnutrition are common illnesses in Urubamba that represent a great risk to the proper learning of our students.

The health team performed the different evaluations of weight and height, hemoglobin and parasitological evaluation. The results will be used to determine the actions within the health and nutrition program, since it is important for the foundation to have knowledge of the treatments and correct nutrition to provide to each of our students.

This year 2023, the nutritional outlook continues to be challenging, although we have good results in comparison to last year:

  • 84 students have parasites in their stomach.

  • 10 students have mild anemia

  • 4 students have moderate anemia

  • 45 students are undernourished

  • 26 students are overweight

  • 101 students have a normal nutritional status

It should be noted that 1 student may be diagnosed with one or more of the diseases described above. This is why our nutrition program is important to us because we will be able to reduce the figures presented and ensure that more children grow up healthy and able to develop fully.

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