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Healthy snacks 🍎

Children's learning in the early years depends a lot on the food they receive. In Urubamba, many families do not have the habit of including foods such as fruits or vegetables in their daily diet, but rather prioritize the consumption of carbohydrates because of the context in which they find themselves.

Promoting the habit of healthy eating is one of our tasks. We know that this work is not only for the institution, but we must do it hand in hand with parents. For this reason, every week our health personnel carry out informative campaigns on how to create "Healthy Lunchboxes", that is, recommendations of the types of food, fruits or drinks that they can send to their children to help them eat well but also to develop their full potential.

In addition, we have added the delivery of healthy snacks, as an additional food to the snack that parents send. Thus, all our children receive delicious fruit such as bananas, strawberries, papayas, grapes, among others, which allows them to get their daily portion of vitamins.

In this way, we seek to ensure that our families have the tools and put into practice a healthy diet in their homes.

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