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Healthy Families Program: Webinars for the Community

As part of our comprehensive program is to work hand in hand with the families of our educational community to replicate good practices within their homes.

Therefore, during the last week of November and first week of December, we have organized a series of webinars where the following topics were addressed:

  • The impact of water on our health by Daniel Pilco, founder of Alma Peru and Latido.

  • How to create a healthy environment at home, by psychologist Fiorella Franco.

  • First aid at home by Dr. Kevin Gallegos, first aid specialist of C.M. CIMA.

  • Home gardening by agronomist Hermitaño Atausinche.

These talks were broadcast publicly on our social networks and also on the Facebook page of Radio Stéreo Urubamba, one of the most listened radio stations in the city; and we had the participation of approximately 50 people.

Our parents were also able to ask their questions and go deeper into the topics that we are sure helped them to improve their family life and positive routines in relation to their health.

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