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Flag Day

As part of the civic activities within the Escuela Niños del Arco Iris, each classroom carried out educational activities related to the Peruvian Flag Day. Especially the kindergarten children, who as part of their art workshop, made small flags that fluttered around the facilities of the foundation, showing their classmates and adults the importance of this important patriotic symbol.

Every June 7th is commemorated with the Peruvian Flag Day, a day in which all Peruvians value and highlight the importance of this patriotic symbol. It also refers to the battle of Arica, where Alfonso Ugarte, chief of the Eighth Division, jumped from the Arica hill with the flag so that it would not be captured by the enemies.

In this way, our teachers strengthen their self-esteem and above all, their sense of belonging to Peru so that when they become great professionals they can perform heroic acts in favor of their community.

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