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First day of classes!

On Monday, March 13, we opened the doors of our foundation with great excitement and joy to our 200 girls and boys who this year will receive quality education, nutrition and health.

The entire team of the foundation waited for this moment with open arms for our beloved students to arrive and since days before we were organizing this return to classes. The facilities of the foundation were decorated with the theme of Yunza, also known as Carnivals, which is a very colorful local festival celebrated in Urubamba, with a symbolic tree. The children danced Huaynos(a local dance) around it and spread their joy to everyone.

The day was full of games and dynamics of integration between all the classrooms and they competed in answering general knowledge questions, group pin pon and physical activities. We also held an emotional welcome ceremony for the students who this year are entering the 3 year old classroom and the 1st grade in charge of the 5 year old and 6th grade classrooms. We also had the participation of Almendra La Madrid, representative of the company Oracle, who gave us 200 basic packages of school supplies and finally we delivered Play-Doh! surprises sent by our partner Hasbro Peru.

We are very excited and happy to start this great school year!

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