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Co-creating stories from identity

Our school is characterized by placing the children as protagonists in learning. That is why we are always open to work hand in hand with organizations that contribute to their intellectual growth.

Thus, in October we received a warm visit from the ESCAPE Cultural Group, a cultural organization from Lima, which worked with our 5th and 6th grade students in the creation of stories for a whole week.

The slogan was based on the children's own identity, which characters they identified with and how they could intervene in the improvement of their own context. So they divided into groups and began with the creation of the main characters of their stories, to then develop the story both in writing and drawing.

It was a week of learning and exchange that allowed the students to express their creativity and proposals for solutions to problems such as forest fires or the kidnapping of minors.

Below is the testimony of the 5th grade tutor:

"The story creation workshop in charge of the group of workshop leaders of the Escape Cultural Center was a great experience for the fifth grade children of the Fundación Niños del Arco Iris, where they were able to exercise their creativity to the maximum, tell stories and create super unexpected characters from scratch; with the guidance of the workshop leaders who were always energetic and enthusiastic with the students, having a handling of the subject that allowed the girls and boys to exploit their full potential in the stories they created, the results were incredible.

As a tutor it was very gratifying to see the quality of the stories they were able to create thanks to the accompaniment and guidance of the facilitators, because for the students the workshop was an experience of play, work and constant dialogue.

The best part of the workshop was that the students were able to feel satisfied with their work, the story and characters they had created, they even had the opportunity to share their stories with the rest of the students of the foundation.

After the workshop the fifth graders were inspired and improved their writing, now they are looking forward to seeing the book with their stories in the school library."

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