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Celebrating their customs: Lord of Torrechayoc

Urubamba is a small town located northeast of the city of Cusco, where customs and traditions are carried out every year to keep alive their local identity. One of the main celebrations takes place at Pentecost, praising the "Taytacha" Lord of Torrechayoc, a cross that appeared in the Andean mountains of the community and provides protection and abundance within the village.

Our 3 year old girls and boys, Los Colibríes, staged the central day of celebration, where the parishioners carry in procession the cross of the Lord of Torrechayoc through the streets of the village, accompanied by different local dances, to spread the blessing throughout the population.

In this way, the Monday assembly becomes a space for learning and cultural celebration, where children reinforce their belonging. Where parents are also involved and are participants in the process in the community but also in the school.

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