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We received a visit from a great ally

At the end of April, Stefanie Klein from Aurubis and Ann-Yasmin Reimers, representative of the German Chamber of Commerce, visited us from Germany, very important allies for our foundation. They stayed at our Hotel Las Casitas el Arco Iris to meet and share with the students.

On Thursday 28th, our children received them with flowers and a beautiful presentation of Marinera, a typical Peruvian dance. After everyone could take souvenir photos, our guests took a tour of our facilities to see first hand the work we have been doing. The tour began in the dining room, followed by the library, the dental office and finally they went on to tour the school. Their hosts were the first grade students, with whom Stefanie and Ann were able to interact, sing songs, participate in their class sessions and experience a day at our foundation.

In the afternoon, they met with a group of students from the class of 2021, who participated in the letter exchange program with Aurubis collaborators, whose purpose was to enhance the students' English and, above all, to generate a cultural exchange between the two countries. At this meeting, Stefanie was able to meet all the children in person and send greetings from her co-workers.

The next day, Stefanie and Ann visited the home of Cesar Paul, Sebastian and Santiago, brothers and part of one of the families of our school. Through this visit we wanted them to get to know the reality in which they live, their customs and interact with them.

Thanks to our alliance with Aurubis we are able to finance the education, health and nutrition of a classroom in our institution, our students and their families are very grateful for the support they receive. We hope that the joint work will continue in favor of the children of the Sacred Valley of Urubamba.

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