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Volunteer Program at Niños del Arco Iris

Our mission to provide quality education, nutrition and health to children in the Sacred Valley in Cusco is possible thanks to the different areas that make up the Rainbow Children Foundation. In this article, we invite you to learn about the work of each of them and how you can contribute through the Volunteer Program.

The team that maintains direct contact with our children is the school area, made up of the director, teaching staff and workshop teachers who provide quality education during the academic year. Next is the nutrition and health team, made up of our dentist and nurse, who work to maintain good health and a nutritious and balanced diet for the students; they also carry out activities with the parents. Also, there is the facilities area, who maintain our facilities in good condition as well as the implementation of the recycling and composting system.

Likewise, the projects and communications team is in charge of designing, implementing and reporting activities to our main allies, as well as the management of social networks. Finally, we have the administrative and management areas, which are mainly responsible for keeping our operations active through strategic actions.

During the year, different activities are carried out within each area, so it is important to have the support of those volunteers who want to contribute to our mission, while developing different skills and personal abilities.

In 2023, we will open our Volunteer Program in the classroom and virtual modality, so that more people know, from the inside, our activities and thus contribute to transform the lives of our children.

In which activities can you be a volunteer?

  • Co-tutor of a classroom: you can accompany a teacher of a specific grade in the teaching of classes and creation of didactic material for the students.

  • Classroom reinforcement: you can give workshops in English, mathematics, music, arts, communication and other courses that the children require.

  • Systematization of information: you can support us in the systematization and analysis of the results of our main projects.

  • Communications: you will be able to develop communication pieces, update the database, take pictures of our students, among others.

  • Facilities: you will be able to help in the maintenance of our facilities, learn about recycling and composting, among others.

Our volunteer program also offers special packages for companies that want to expand their activities related to corporate social responsibility, in addition to contributing to the development of children in Urubamba.

If you are interested you can review our manual in the following link and/or send an email to

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