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Constant training for our teachers: TINI Methodology

On April 5 and 6, the TINI methodology "Tierra de Niñas, Niños y Jovenes" (Land of Children and Youth) training was conducted by a specialist from the ANIA organization.

In it, our collaborators learned the importance of the contact of students with nature for their learning, both in soft skills such as empathy and respect, but also the resources they can obtain to learn in all courses: communication, mathematics, science, etc.

The creation of a TINI is collaborative, creative and from the interest and imagination of the students, therefore, the message that comes with its creation must be reinforced: a space where we will take care of nature with products that are beneficial for it, for us and for others. And the most important thing is the actions, not the quantity, but doing something to take care of our Earth.

Implementing the TINI in the school is a pedagogical process in the classroom, with significant learning in the children, so it must begin with the motivation to want to have their TINI, then imagine how it will be, what will be in their space and finally execute it. However, for its sustainability it is important that teachers teach students the importance of having a maintenance plan, where parents can be involved.

Our teachers executed the TINI "Home" during 2021, and positive results were obtained. The return to face-to-face classes is a great opportunity to share our experience with other local schools in Urubamba, so that more children can learn and grow up with a great sensitivity for the care of the environment.

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