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Constant training for our teachers

One of the premises within our organization is to contribute to the professional development of our employees, in that sense, we are always looking for opportunities to achieve it.

On Tuesday, March 15, we held the first training session for our pre-school and elementary school teachers on the "Mathematics and Science for All" methodologies, thanks to our educational ally, Instituto Apoyo.

Regarding the Mathematics methodology, this is an educational teaching program that seeks to develop a better understanding, performance and taste for the area of numbers. While the Science methodology aims to generate an experiential learning of this subject, it explains the phenomena of the natural world to children and promotes their approach to scientific work.

Both methodologies will add to the learning of our students and the expertise of our teachers. The experiment training gave us the opportunity to understand that children are capable of generating their own learning through questions, ideas and hypotheses, making the study of science more fun, and the mathematics workshop provided us with strategies according to the age of each child, and also made us understand that children learn through play and the use of concrete material from their daily lives, according to the words of our pedagogical coordinator, Lady Rojas.

This is how we prepare our teachers to provide quality education to our children.

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