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Back to school!

On Monday, March 14, after 2 long years of distance education, our girls and boys returned to the foundation with much joy and enthusiasm for their on-site classes.

At 8:00 a.m. the doors of our school opened to welcome our students. 3 groups were created, from kindergarten to primary school. Each one had a different entrance time. In this way, all our children, teachers and parents were able to meet again, respecting the security measures and the amount of capacity.

On this first day of school we organized different activities. First we had a few words from our director Flor Curahua, who recalled the values of the foundation and the importance of study to achieve personal growth. Then, we carried out the dynamic "The Time Machine", in which we introduced all the collaborators of our institution. Finally, we enjoyed some integration dynamics, and our children were the ones who had the most fun.

We were all very excited to see all our students again. We are convinced that this year will be full of great achievements.

Here you can see some pictures of this great day:

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