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The studious dancer


Gildo is a 4th grade primary school student, he is 10 years old and currently lives in Ayllupampa, which is about 10 minutes away from the foundation. He lives with his mother, his younger brother and some relatives, such as grandparents and uncles and aunts. 

His mother is very supportive of the foundation in any activity and Gildo is always willing to participate, even more so when it is a school presentation, because he loves to dance marinera and delight everyone with his talent, and also gladden the visitors who come to our hotel Casitas del Arco Iris. He is always willing to help and has managed to win the friendship of many of his classmates who see him as a natural leader.

As Gildo grows and explores his interests, he also forms his own feelings. Currently, he misses his father very much, who had to leave Urubamba to find work and support his family. Gildo knows that his sacrifice is not in vain and he works hard at school and in the classroom. Every day he surprises us more and more!

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