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A friendly and respectful future police


Our dear Melani is currently in third grade, she is 8 years old and lives with her grandmother and great-grandmother in Tarapata near the community of Maras, which is an hour's walk from the foundation. Melani lost her parents when she was very young, and has been cared for by her great-grandmother Rafaela ever since.


Melani was a very reserved child, she hardly showed her emotions, she had a hard time relating to her classmates, as well as showing affection to others. She also had many difficulties with her learning and was in the initial level of reading and writing, likewise in her nutritional test, she was positive for anemia. However, all of this is written in the past, due to the evolution that Melani has had in school.

She currently self-regulates and shows her emotions, shares how she feels, worries about how others feel, dialogues with her classmates with kindness and respect, relates very well at playtime, feels proud of her latest medical results, as she has overcome anemia and comments it with everyone she knows, and as for reading and writing she is in process, she still has difficulties to recognize sentences, but has improved in the recognition of words and letters.

That motivation and enthusiasm for learning that characterizes her so much is helping her to concentrate and participate more actively. She is still figuring out what she would like to do and be when she grows up, but once in class she mentioned that she would like to be a policeman and we are sure she will be the best.

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