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A great chef in training


Our dear Samir is 8 years old and is in the third grade of primary school. He lives with his mother and sister Kiara, who is in the fifth grade, in the Ayllupampa sector, 15 minutes from Urubamba. He has a small family but with a lot of love to give. 

Last year, Samir was at the beginning of reading and writing and had a hard time recognizing letters or words, it was a very challenging year for him. However, little by little he made progress in this process, this year Samir came to school with a greater sense of possibility and perseverance to carry out the activities, which allowed him to read short stories on his own, recognize some frequently used words and also write them. He is becoming more autonomous and responds positively to classes. 

Samir is a very cheerful, creative child, likes to imagine a lot and always faces challenges with a lot of enthusiasm. In the afternoons, he helps his mother at home and in the food store that they are managing to run with a lot of effort. He loves to help his mom cook and he is also a great chef, he prepares things with a lot of love. When he grows up, he wants to continue with that great dream that is in the process of being fulfilled, to be a great chef and have his own restaurant.

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