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The photographer who captures moments  


Luis Angel is in 2nd grade and is 7 years old. He lives with his mother, father and sister in a small house in the Tarapata sector, entrance to the city of Urubamba. His father works in construction and his mother is a housewife, but sometimes she does small jobs like washing or cleaning houses to support her family. She supports her son a lot with his homework and at home because she is afraid to leave him alone because Luis Angel has a hearing disability. He has recently come out of a medical operation successfully. Luis Angel is a very friendly, cheerful, supportive and playful child.

He also transmits companionship and loyalty to his classmates. He has stolen many smiles and sighs from his tutor, since he always comes when someone is sick or needs something. He is a child who has all that kindness and solidarity to be able to help others.


His favorite song is "Susanita" and his favorite color is red and when he is in art classes, his favorite course, he starts drawing and painting. Thanks to speech therapy he has been able to advance and improve his vocalization and has lost his stage fright when presenting his projects.


He comes from a small family, they love him very much and are very patient with him, for his mother he is a superhero, in spite of the adversities, Luis Angel has been able to get ahead.

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